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Ellipso is *really* dead

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1 parent 3211e47 commit 586dedce724e1c6691660cf7739e85379a819fd6 @DrHyde DrHyde committed
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  1. +0 −2 t/50_number-phone-country.t
2 t/50_number-phone-country.t
@@ -267,8 +267,6 @@ ok(phone2country('+873123') eq 'Inmarsat', '+873 is Inmarsat');
ok(phone2country('+874123') eq 'Inmarsat', '+874 is Inmarsat');
ok(phone2country('+878123') eq 'UniversalPersonalTelecoms', '+878 is UniversalPersonalTelecoms');
ok(phone2country('+880123') eq 'BD', '+880 is BD');
-ok(phone2country('+8812123') eq 'Ellipso', '+8812 is Ellipso');
-ok(phone2country('+8813123') eq 'Ellipso', '+8813 is Ellipso');
ok(phone2country('+8816123') eq 'Iridium', '+8816 is Iridium');
ok(phone2country('+8817123') eq 'Iridium', '+8817 is Iridium');
ok(phone2country('+8818123') eq 'Globalstar', '+8818 is Globalstar');

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