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<HEAD> <TITLE>The very old, nearly unaltered PAUSE Admin page</TITLE> </HEAD>
<H2>Admin stuff</H2>
<H2>Note: This page is an ancient relict of early incarnations of the
PAUSE. Most of the scripts below redirect to the <a href="/pause/">new
interface</a> that has a menu of its own. Forget this page, it isn't
maintained anymore.</H2>
<h4>Publicly accessible directories</h4>
<LI> <A HREF="index.html">The homepage</A>
<LI> <A HREF="/pause/authenquery?ACTION=who_is">List of people (big and slow)</A>
<LI> <A HREF=""
<h4>The user's directory (user password required)</h4>
<LI> <A HREF="pub/PAUSE/">/pub/PAUSE/ via http</A>
<li><a href="pub/PAUSE/modules/04pause.html">04pause.html</a>
<LI> <A HREF="incoming/">/incoming/ via http</A>
<LI> <A HREF="/perl/user/add_uri">add
files</A> to your home directory or
<LI> <A
your name, email, and homepage address or
<li> change your <a href="/perl/user/passwd">password</a>
<li> <a
your files or
<li> expedite an <a
mirror</a> (or just inspect the mirrored items) or
<li> see the last lines of the <a href="/perl/user/tail_log/2000">pause daemon logfile</a> (the number in the path is the number of bytes from the file end) or
<li> <a href="/perl/user/edit_mla"> edit
an archive </a>
<H4>The admin directory (admin password required)</H4>
<LI> <A
HREF="/perl/admin/add_user"> add a
new user</A>
<LI> <A
HREF="/perl/admin/edit_user"> as admin, edit
an existing user</A>
<li> as admin, change a user's <a href="/perl/admin/passwd">password</a>
<LI> as admin, <A
HREF="/perl/admin/add_uri"> add an
uri</A> to a user's account
<li> as admin, <a
href="/perl/admin/delete"> delete
files </a>
<li> as admin, <a
href="/perl/admin/add_mla"> add an
archive </a>
<li> <a href="/status">Server status</a> (with <a href="/status?refresh=20">refresh</a>), <a href="/perl-status">Perl Status</a>
<li> <a href="/server-info">Server configuration</a>
<li> <a href="/perl/anaping">Server connectivity</a>
<HR> <A HREF="mailto:andreas.koenig@anima.DE">Andreas