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<h3>Short version</h3>
Over the years I have found the following methods of logging out.
None of them is guaranteed to work. Different browsers fail in
different ways at different versions. <b>Please verify that you
are effectively logged out by your browser.</b>
You may need to click on <i>Cancel</i> when your browser asks you
to login.
<a class="menuitem" href="authenquery?logout=1__RANDOMSTRING__">
Redirect with Cookie
<a class="menuitem" href="authenquery?logout=2__RANDOMSTRING__">
Redirect to Badname:Badpass@Server URL
<a class="menuitem" href="authenquery?logout=3">
Quick direct 401
<h3>Long version</h3>
PAUSE currently uses the <i>Basic Authentication Scheme</i>
according to the HTTP specification. This means that your browser
sends your username and password with every request to the server.
In that sense you are never logged into the server as in telnet or
ftp connections. Every request is made independently from all
previous requests and in that sense there is no concept of logging
out. However, the user usually <i>perceives</i> the dialog as a
session that is equivalent to a telnet or ftp session. But PAUSE
does nothing to support this concept.
As a matter of fact, as long as your browser remembers your userid
and password, it will send the associated HTTP header to PAUSE and
PAUSE will answer the request. Browsers handle the cache of
authentification data differently. If you want your browser to
forget them, most browsers require you to shut the browser down.
However, Netscape 4 had the convenient behaviour that if the
server sent a status code of 401 (HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED), it presented
the user with a new login dialog. This dialog could be used to
login with a different name and different password. If the
different name and password were bogus, this method allowed you to
effectively <i>log out</i>, in the sense that a new authentication
was required to talk to PAUSE. Other browsers behave differently.
As a consequence you can still visit PAUSE after that without
having to type in username and password, so these browsers can not
be tricked into forgetting the credentials. You have been warned.
Please try the above three methods and see what happens. Please
verify that your browser behaves as you want it to.
If, on the other hand, you're just interested to see how PAUSE
looks like for not authenticated users, please <a class="menuitem"
href="query">click here</a>. This brings you to a different
<i>realm</i> on PAUSE that doesn't need authentication. If you go
there, your browser will not forget your username and password.
Thanks to Gabor Szabo and Moritz Sinn for their contributions to
this page.