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Fix first DTK track not playing after booting with IPL

DVDLowAudioBufferConfig doesn't start a DTK stream, it just tells the
drive that the game is allowed to use DTK. At least if I'm not mistaken.
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JosJuice committed Nov 1, 2018
1 parent 0140009 commit 20b8c2484766ff6988cdc1711af4ac44a81db168
Showing with 9 additions and 18 deletions.
  1. +9 −18 Source/Core/Core/HW/DVD/DVDInterface.cpp
@@ -991,27 +991,18 @@ void ExecuteCommand(u32 command_0, u32 command_1, u32 command_2, u32 output_addr
// DVD Audio Enable/Disable (Immediate). GC uses this, and apparently Wii also does...?
case DVDLowAudioBufferConfig:
// For more information: (dead link?)
// Upon Power up or reset , 2 commands must be issued for proper use of audio streaming:
// DVDReadDiskID A8000040,00000000,00000020
// DVDLowAudioBufferConfig E4xx00yy,00000000,00000020
// xx=byte 8 [0 or 1] from the disk header retrieved from DVDReadDiskID
// yy=0 (if xx=0) or 0xA (if xx=1)
// The IPL uses this command to enable or disable DTK audio depending on the value of byte 0x8
// in the disc header. See for more info.
// The link is dead, but you can access the page using the Wayback Machine at
// TODO: Dolphin doesn't prevent the game from using DTK when the IPL doesn't enable it.
// Should we be failing with an error code when the game tries to use the 0xE1 command?
// (Not that this should matter normally, since games that use DTK set the header byte to 1)
if ((command_0 >> 16) & 0xFF)
// TODO: What is this actually supposed to do?
s_stream = true;
INFO_LOG(DVDINTERFACE, "(Audio): Audio enabled");
// TODO: What is this actually supposed to do?
s_stream = false;
INFO_LOG(DVDINTERFACE, "(Audio): Audio disabled");
// yet another (GC?) command we prolly don't care about

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