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UICommon/GameFile: Remove unnecessary initializers

All of the standardized types have constructors that will automatically
initialize them, so the explicit initializers are redundant.
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lioncash committed May 28, 2019
1 parent 56faf75 commit 27ecb93b327ae52847633e2f78b073f1115124ec
Showing with 14 additions and 14 deletions.
  1. +14 −14 Source/Core/UICommon/GameFile.h
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ namespace UICommon
struct GameBanner
std::vector<u32> buffer{};
std::vector<u32> buffer;
u32 width{};
u32 height{};
bool empty() const { return buffer.empty(); }
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ struct GameBanner

struct GameCover
std::vector<u8> buffer{};
std::vector<u8> buffer;
bool empty() const { return buffer.empty(); }
void DoState(PointerWrap& p);
@@ -109,30 +109,30 @@ class GameFile final
// CACHE_REVISION in GameFileCache.cpp is incremented.

bool m_valid{};
std::string m_file_path{};
std::string m_file_name{};
std::string m_file_path;
std::string m_file_name;

u64 m_file_size{};
u64 m_volume_size{};

std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_short_names{};
std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_long_names{};
std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_short_makers{};
std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_long_makers{};
std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_descriptions{};
std::string m_internal_name{};
std::string m_game_id{};
std::string m_gametdb_id{};
std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_short_names;
std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_long_names;
std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_short_makers;
std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_long_makers;
std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string> m_descriptions;
std::string m_internal_name;
std::string m_game_id;
std::string m_gametdb_id;
u64 m_title_id{};
std::string m_maker_id{};
std::string m_maker_id;

DiscIO::Region m_region{DiscIO::Region::Unknown};
DiscIO::Country m_country{DiscIO::Country::Unknown};
DiscIO::Platform m_platform{};
DiscIO::BlobType m_blob_type{};
u16 m_revision{};
u8 m_disc_number{};
std::string m_apploader_date{};
std::string m_apploader_date;

GameBanner m_volume_banner{};
GameBanner m_custom_banner{};

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