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Remove "not signed by Nintendo" warning when installing WADs

Apparently nobody is using good dumps, meaning that the warning
is a nuisance rather than useful information for most people.
Especially so for people who don't install WADs permanently.

It is still possible to verify the signature using the Verify
tab of the game properties, which matches how Dolphin handles
checking the signatures of Wii discs.
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JosJuice committed Jul 19, 2019
1 parent da1fbbc commit 4304f5f7fcae4ed1ec723ea83b4c0772e2f211f7
Showing with 3 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +3 −7 Source/Core/Core/WiiUtils.cpp
@@ -59,7 +59,10 @@ static bool ImportWAD(IOS::HLE::Kernel& ios, const DiscIO::VolumeWAD& wad)

IOS::HLE::Device::ES::Context context;
IOS::HLE::ReturnCode ret;

// A lot of people use fakesigned WADs, so disable signature checking temporarily when installing
const bool checks_enabled = SConfig::GetInstance().m_enable_signature_checks;
SConfig::GetInstance().m_enable_signature_checks = false;

IOS::ES::TicketReader ticket = wad.GetTicket();
// Ensure the common key index is correct, as it's checked by IOS.
@@ -69,13 +72,6 @@ static bool ImportWAD(IOS::HLE::Kernel& ios, const DiscIO::VolumeWAD& wad)
IOS::HLE::Device::ES::TicketImportType::Unpersonalised)) < 0 ||
(ret = es->ImportTitleInit(context, tmd.GetBytes(), wad.GetCertificateChain())) < 0)
if (checks_enabled && ret == IOS::HLE::IOSC_FAIL_CHECKVALUE &&
AskYesNoT("This WAD has not been signed by Nintendo. Continue to import?"))
SConfig::GetInstance().m_enable_signature_checks = false;

PanicAlertT("WAD installation failed: Could not initialise title import (error %d).", ret);
SConfig::GetInstance().m_enable_signature_checks = checks_enabled;

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