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CachedInterpreter: Factor function hooking code out of Jit()

Extracts the self-contained code into its own function to clean up the
flow of Jit() a little more.

This also introduces a helper function to HLE.h that will be used to
reduce the boilerplate here and in the interpreter and Jit64 in the
following commits.

This function performs all of the preliminary checks required prior to
attempting to hook/replace a function at a given address. The function then
calls a provided object that satisfies the FunctionObject concept in the
C++ standard library. This can be a lambda, a regular function pointer,
an object with an overloaded function call operator, etc. The only
requirement is that the function return a bool, indicating whether or
not the function was replaced, and that it can take parameters in the
form: fn(u32 function, HLE::HookType type)
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lioncash committed May 14, 2018
1 parent b547f72 commit 4b25538f2f45a61cb345b00662698846dc454f4e
@@ -42,4 +42,33 @@ HookType GetFunctionTypeByIndex(u32 index);
HookFlag GetFunctionFlagsByIndex(u32 index);
bool IsEnabled(HookFlag flag);
// Performs the backend-independent preliminary checking before calling a
// FunctionObject to do the actual replacing. Typically, this callback will
// be in the backend itself, containing the backend-specific portions
// required in replacing a function.
// fn may be any object that satisfies the FunctionObject concept in the C++
// standard library. That is, any lambda, object with an overloaded function
// call operator, or regular function pointer.
// fn must return a bool indicating whether or not function replacing occurred.
// fn must also accept a parameter list of the form: fn(u32 function, HLE::HookType type).
template <typename FunctionObject>
bool ReplaceFunctionIfPossible(u32 address, FunctionObject fn)
const u32 function = GetFirstFunctionIndex(address);
if (function == 0)
return false;
const HookType type = GetFunctionTypeByIndex(function);
if (type != HookType::Start && type != HookType::Replace)
return false;
const HookFlag flags = GetFunctionFlagsByIndex(function);
if (!IsEnabled(flags))
return false;
return fn(function, type);
} // namespace HLE
@@ -171,6 +171,21 @@ static bool CheckDSI(u32 data)
return false;
bool CachedInterpreter::HandleFunctionHooking(u32 address)
return HLE::ReplaceFunctionIfPossible(address, [&](u32 function, HLE::HookType type) {
m_code.emplace_back(WritePC, address);
m_code.emplace_back(Interpreter::HLEFunction, function);
if (type != HLE::HookType::Replace)
return false;
m_code.emplace_back(EndBlock, js.downcountAmount);
return true;
void CachedInterpreter::Jit(u32 address)
if (m_code.size() >= CODE_SIZE / sizeof(Instruction) - 0x1000 ||
@@ -208,26 +223,8 @@ void CachedInterpreter::Jit(u32 address)
js.downcountAmount += op.opinfo->numCycles;
u32 function = HLE::GetFirstFunctionIndex(op.address);
if (function != 0)
HLE::HookType type = HLE::GetFunctionTypeByIndex(function);
if (type == HLE::HookType::Start || type == HLE::HookType::Replace)
HLE::HookFlag flags = HLE::GetFunctionFlagsByIndex(function);
if (HLE::IsEnabled(flags))
m_code.emplace_back(WritePC, op.address);
m_code.emplace_back(Interpreter::HLEFunction, function);
if (type == HLE::HookType::Replace)
m_code.emplace_back(EndBlock, js.downcountAmount);
if (HandleFunctionHooking(op.address))
if (!op.skip)
@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ class CachedInterpreter : public JitBase
const u8* GetCodePtr() const;
void ExecuteOneBlock();
bool HandleFunctionHooking(u32 address);
BlockCache m_block_cache{*this};
std::vector<Instruction> m_code;
PPCAnalyst::CodeBuffer code_buffer;

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