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RTC: Write 0 tot he counter bias if we are on custom RTC

This can be considered a hack, but it essentially neuter the bias applied on boot for both console on the RTC.  This avoids having the time on boot be changes significantly while the user would want a specific RTC and it also avoids possible underflow of the RTC if it is near the epoch.
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aldelaro5 committed May 12, 2018
1 parent e1866d3 commit 4b2906c5697e43b78c02a79931132be33e82bbe3
@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
#include "Core/Config/SYSCONFSettings.h"
#include "Core/ConfigLoaders/IsSettingSaveable.h"
#include "Core/ConfigManager.h"
#include "Core/Core.h"
#include "Core/IOS/IOS.h"
#include "Core/IOS/USB/Bluetooth/BTBase.h"
@@ -49,6 +50,9 @@ void SaveToSYSCONF(Config::LayerType layer)
if (SConfig::GetInstance().bEnableCustomRTC)
sysconf.SetData<u32>("IPL.CB", SysConf::Entry::Type::Long, 0);
// Disable WiiConnect24's standby mode. If it is enabled, it prevents us from receiving
// shutdown commands in the State Transition Manager (STM).
// TODO: remove this if and once Dolphin supports WC24 standby mode.
@@ -177,4 +181,4 @@ std::unique_ptr<Config::ConfigLayerLoader> GenerateBaseConfigLoader()
return std::make_unique<BaseConfigLayerLoader>();
} // namespace ConfigLoaders
@@ -129,6 +129,8 @@ CEXIIPL::CEXIIPL() : m_uPosition(0), m_uAddress(0), m_uRWOffset(0), m_FontsLoade
// We Overwrite language selection here since it's possible on the GC to change the language as
// you please
g_SRAM.lang = SConfig::GetInstance().SelectedLanguage;
if (SConfig::GetInstance().bEnableCustomRTC)
g_SRAM.counter_bias = 0;
Common::WriteProtectMemory(m_pIPL, ROM_SIZE);

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