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Core/Config: Remove unused NETPLAY_SELECTED_HOST_GAME declaration

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Techjar committed Nov 9, 2018
1 parent 162e34a commit 4fd2a252531fa2cca950eb15b2368d8c2196c434
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  1. +0 −1 Source/Core/Core/Config/NetplaySettings.h
@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ extern const ConfigInfo<u16> NETPLAY_CONNECT_PORT;
extern const ConfigInfo<u16> NETPLAY_LISTEN_PORT;
extern const ConfigInfo<std::string> NETPLAY_NICKNAME;
extern const ConfigInfo<std::string> NETPLAY_SELECTED_HOST_GAME;
extern const ConfigInfo<bool> NETPLAY_USE_UPNP;
extern const ConfigInfo<bool> NETPLAY_ENABLE_QOS;

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