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Merge pull request #7638 from CrystalGamma/pr-addresshelpers

PowerPC: Thread state through the address helpers
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degasus committed Apr 10, 2019
2 parents 1f6c67a + 95b06d1 commit 5a4700f58987fc6c36799e4f168cb180fdebc09c
@@ -291,12 +291,6 @@ class Interpreter : public CPUCoreBase
// flag helper
static void Helper_UpdateCR0(u32 value);

// address helper
static u32 Helper_Get_EA(const UGeckoInstruction inst);
static u32 Helper_Get_EA_U(const UGeckoInstruction inst);
static u32 Helper_Get_EA_X(const UGeckoInstruction inst);
static u32 Helper_Get_EA_UX(const UGeckoInstruction inst);

// paired helper
static void Helper_Dequantize(u32 addr, u32 instI, u32 instRD, u32 instW);
static void Helper_Quantize(u32 addr, u32 instI, u32 instRS, u32 instW);

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