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Change gecko sorting back to manual

Gecko codes are a core foundation of most netplay sessions and most general modding cases. It has gone so far as to now have an ini for almost every game.

After the massive UI overhaul, the gecko code sorting defaults to Alphabetical with no option to change it. This removes the possibility for netplay builds to have important and necessary codes at the top for easy selecting, and removes the ability to sort massive code lists in categories.

This will also make the sorting consistent with AR codes, which are sorted manually.
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sp00nd committed Oct 9, 2018
1 parent 7cfba73 commit 6cd53bf92d257169f76cd3edfd62953f69532c86
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  1. +0 −2 Source/Core/DolphinQt/Config/GeckoCodeWidget.cpp
@@ -51,8 +51,6 @@ void GeckoCodeWidget::CreateWidgets()
m_name_label = new QLabel;
m_creator_label = new QLabel;
QFont monospace(QFontDatabase::systemFont(QFontDatabase::FixedFont).family());
const auto line_height = QFontMetrics(font()).lineSpacing();

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