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WiiUtils: Migrate to new filesystem interface

A followup for the migration work started in 8317a66
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leoetlino committed Apr 15, 2018
1 parent 9aeb95b commit 72a6674b73524da2809928ec6afa46cedb1b1c4f
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  1. +6 −6 Source/Core/Core/WiiUtils.cpp
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@
#include "Core/IOS/Device.h"
#include "Core/IOS/ES/ES.h"
#include "Core/IOS/ES/Formats.h"
#include "Core/IOS/FS/FileSystem.h"
#include "Core/IOS/IOS.h"
#include "Core/SysConf.h"
#include "DiscIO/DiscExtractor.h"
@@ -168,18 +169,17 @@ bool UninstallTitle(u64 title_id)
bool IsTitleInstalled(u64 title_id)
const std::string content_dir =
Common::GetTitleContentPath(title_id, Common::FromWhichRoot::FROM_CONFIGURED_ROOT);
IOS::HLE::Kernel ios;
const auto entries = ios.GetFS()->ReadDirectory(0, 0, Common::GetTitleContentPath(title_id));
if (!File::IsDirectory(content_dir))
if (!entries)
return false;
// Since this isn't IOS and we only need a simple way to figure out if a title is installed,
// we make the (reasonable) assumption that having more than just the TMD in the content
// directory means that the title is installed.
const auto entries = File::ScanDirectoryTree(content_dir, false);
return std::any_of(entries.children.begin(), entries.children.end(),
[](const auto& file) { return file.virtualName != "title.tmd"; });
return std::any_of(entries->begin(), entries->end(),
[](const std::string& file) { return file != "title.tmd"; });
// Common functionality for system updaters.

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