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Merge pull request #4052 from leoetlino/wiimote-reconnect

Fix Wiimotes not reconnecting on button press
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delroth committed Jul 23, 2016
2 parents 048a4ce + 7c3a3ce commit 78b68b707fbceb03d03abe0c41ffb73abb3a58d7
@@ -71,9 +71,7 @@ void Pause()
// An L2CAP packet is passed from the Core to the Wiimote on the HID CONTROL channel.
void ControlChannel(int number, u16 channel_id, const void* data, u32 size)
if (WIIMOTE_SRC_REAL & g_wiimote_sources[number])
WiimoteReal::ControlChannel(number, channel_id, data, size);
else if (WIIMOTE_SRC_HYBRID & g_wiimote_sources[number])
if (WIIMOTE_SRC_HYBRID & g_wiimote_sources[number])
->ControlChannel(channel_id, data, size);
@@ -771,6 +771,8 @@ void Wiimote::ControlChannel(const u16 _channelID, const void* _pData, u32 _Size
// Wiimote disconnected
// reset eeprom/register/reporting mode
if (WIIMOTE_SRC_REAL & g_wiimote_sources[m_index])
WiimoteReal::ControlChannel(m_index, _channelID, _pData, _Size);

@@ -121,12 +121,10 @@ void Wiimote::ClearReadQueue()
void Wiimote::ControlChannel(const u16 channel, const void* const data, const u32 size)
// Check for custom communication
if (99 == channel)
if (channel == 99)
if (m_really_disconnect)
@@ -81,8 +81,8 @@ class Wiimote : NonCopyable
Report m_last_input_report;
u16 m_channel;
u8 m_last_connect_request_counter;
// If true, the Wiimote will be really disconnected when it is disconnected by Dolphin,
// instead of just pausing data reporting.
// If true, the Wiimote will be really disconnected when it is disconnected by Dolphin.
// In any other case, data reporting is not paused to allow reconnecting on any button press.
// This is not enabled on all platforms as connecting a Wiimote can be a pain on some platforms.
bool m_really_disconnect = false;

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