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Merge pull request #7862 from spycrab/macos_vulkan_crash

VideoCommon/RenderBase: Don't destroy pipelines that are in use
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stenzek committed Mar 7, 2019
2 parents ae8412b + 9ca394b commit 7d17163ce85f518e3951a39ab226a446c32a8e54
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  1. +5 −0 Source/Core/VideoCommon/RenderBase.cpp
@@ -398,7 +398,12 @@ void Renderer::CheckForConfigChanges()
// Check for post-processing shader changes. Done up here as it doesn't affect anything outside
// the post-processor. Note that options are applied every frame, so no need to check those.
if (m_post_processor->GetConfig()->GetShader() != g_ActiveConfig.sPostProcessingShader)
// The existing shader must not be in use when it's destroyed


// Determine which (if any) settings have changed.
ShaderHostConfig new_host_config = ShaderHostConfig::GetCurrent();

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