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Android: Remove the use of restericted API and give AS a break

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mahdihijazi committed Oct 29, 2018
1 parent fe9212a commit 9a45c6289685c77a73995af8372ee1eb2b07c896
@@ -173,11 +173,7 @@ public static void launch(FragmentActivity activity, GameFile gameFile)
launcher.putExtra(EXTRA_SELECTED_GAME, gameFile.getPath());
launcher.putExtra(EXTRA_SELECTED_TITLE, gameFile.getTitle());
launcher.putExtra(EXTRA_PLATFORM, gameFile.getPlatform());
Bundle options = new Bundle();

// I believe this warning is a bug. Activities are FragmentActivity from the support lib
//noinspection RestrictedApi
activity.startActivityForResult(launcher, MainPresenter.REQUEST_EMULATE_GAME, options);
activity.startActivityForResult(launcher, MainPresenter.REQUEST_EMULATE_GAME);


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