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TitleDatabase: Don't merge multiple languages into same map

Instead of selecting languages based on the user config at the time
of TitleDatabase creation and merging the different languages into one
map for GC and one map for Wii, have one map for each language, and
have the caller supply the language they want. This makes us not need
the IsGCTitle function, which is inaccurate for IDs that start with D.
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JosJuice committed Feb 23, 2019
1 parent 8842a0f commit 9df763b4acd8857fdcd3a919d4bd9ce6f4447e53
@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@ void SConfig::SetRunningGameMetadata(const std::string& game_id, const std::stri

const Core::TitleDatabase title_database;
m_title_description = title_database.Describe(m_gametdb_id);
m_title_description = title_database.Describe(m_gametdb_id, GetCurrentLanguage(bWii));
NOTICE_LOG(CORE, "Active title: %s", m_title_description.c_str());

Config::AddLayer(ConfigLoaders::GenerateGlobalGameConfigLoader(game_id, revision));
@@ -21,47 +21,15 @@ namespace Core
static const std::string EMPTY_STRING;

static std::string GetLanguageCode(DiscIO::Language language)
switch (language)
case DiscIO::Language::Japanese:
return "ja";
case DiscIO::Language::English:
return "en";
case DiscIO::Language::German:
return "de";
case DiscIO::Language::French:
return "fr";
case DiscIO::Language::Spanish:
return "es";
case DiscIO::Language::Italian:
return "it";
case DiscIO::Language::Dutch:
return "nl";
case DiscIO::Language::SimplifiedChinese:
return "zh_CN";
case DiscIO::Language::TraditionalChinese:
return "zh_TW";
case DiscIO::Language::Korean:
return "ko";
return "en";

using Map = std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string>;

// Note that this function will not overwrite entries that already are in the maps
static bool LoadMap(const std::string& file_path, Map& map,
std::function<bool(const std::string& game_id)> predicate)
static Map LoadMap(const std::string& file_path)
Map map;

std::ifstream txt;
File::OpenFStream(txt, file_path, std::ios::in);

if (!txt.is_open())
return false;

std::string line;
while (std::getline(txt, line))
@@ -72,119 +40,93 @@ static bool LoadMap(const std::string& file_path, Map& map,
if (equals_index != std::string::npos)
const std::string game_id = StripSpaces(line.substr(0, equals_index));
if (game_id.length() >= 4 && predicate(game_id))
if (game_id.length() >= 4)
map.emplace(game_id, StripSpaces(line.substr(equals_index + 1)));
return true;

// This should only be used with the common game ID format (used by WiiTDBs), not Dolphin's.
// Otherwise, TurboGrafx-16 VC games (with the system ID P) will be misdetected as GameCube titles.
// The formats differ in that Dolphin's uses 6 characters for non-disc titles instead of 4.
static bool IsGCTitle(const std::string& game_id)
const char system_id = game_id[0];
return game_id.length() == 6 &&
(system_id == 'G' || system_id == 'D' || system_id == 'U' || system_id == 'P');

static bool IsWiiTitle(const std::string& game_id)
// Assume that any non-GameCube title is a Wii title.
return !IsGCTitle(game_id);

static bool IsJapaneseGCTitle(const std::string& game_id)
if (!IsGCTitle(game_id))
return false;

return DiscIO::CountryCodeToCountry(game_id[3], DiscIO::Platform::GameCubeDisc) ==
return map;

static bool IsNonJapaneseGCTitle(const std::string& game_id)
void TitleDatabase::AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language language, const std::string& language_code)
if (!IsGCTitle(game_id))
return false;

return DiscIO::CountryCodeToCountry(game_id[3], DiscIO::Platform::GameCubeDisc) !=

// Note that this function will not overwrite entries that already are in the maps
static bool LoadMap(const std::string& file_path, Map& gc_map, Map& wii_map)
Map map;
if (!LoadMap(file_path, map, [](const auto& game_id) { return true; }))
return false;

for (auto& entry : map)
auto& destination_map = IsGCTitle(entry.first) ? gc_map : wii_map;
return true;
m_title_maps[language] = [language_code]() -> Map {
return LoadMap(File::GetSysDirectory() + "wiitdb-" + language_code + ".txt");

// Load the user databases.
// User database
const std::string& load_directory = File::GetUserPath(D_LOAD_IDX);
if (!LoadMap(load_directory + "wiitdb.txt", m_gc_title_map, m_wii_title_map))
LoadMap(load_directory + "titles.txt", m_gc_title_map, m_wii_title_map);

if (!SConfig::GetInstance().m_use_builtin_title_database)

// Load the database in the console language.
// Note: The GameCube language setting can't be set to Japanese,
// so instead, we use Japanese names iff the games are NTSC-J.
const std::string gc_code = GetLanguageCode(SConfig::GetInstance().GetCurrentLanguage(false));
const std::string wii_code = GetLanguageCode(SConfig::GetInstance().GetCurrentLanguage(true));
LoadMap(File::GetSysDirectory() + "wiitdb-ja.txt", m_gc_title_map, IsJapaneseGCTitle);
if (gc_code != "en")
LoadMap(File::GetSysDirectory() + "wiitdb-" + gc_code + ".txt", m_gc_title_map,
if (wii_code != "en")
LoadMap(File::GetSysDirectory() + "wiitdb-" + wii_code + ".txt", m_wii_title_map, IsWiiTitle);

// Load the English database as the base database.
LoadMap(File::GetSysDirectory() + "wiitdb-en.txt", m_gc_title_map, m_wii_title_map);
m_user_title_map = LoadMap(load_directory + "wiitdb.txt");
if (m_user_title_map.empty())
m_user_title_map = LoadMap(load_directory + "titles.txt");

// Pre-defined databases (one per language)
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::Japanese, "ja");
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::English, "en");
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::German, "de");
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::French, "fr");
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::Spanish, "es");
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::Italian, "it");
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::Dutch, "nl");
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::SimplifiedChinese, "zh_CN");
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::TraditionalChinese, "zh_TW");
AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language::Korean, "ko");

// Titles that cannot be part of the Wii TDB,
// but common enough to justify having entries for them.

// i18n: "Wii Menu" (or System Menu) refers to the Wii's main menu,
// which is (usually) the first thing users see when a Wii console starts.
m_wii_title_map.emplace("0000000100000002", GetStringT("Wii Menu"));
m_base_map.emplace("0000000100000002", GetStringT("Wii Menu"));
for (const auto& id : {"HAXX", "JODI", "00010001af1bf516", "LULZ", "OHBC"})
m_wii_title_map.emplace(id, "The Homebrew Channel");
m_base_map.emplace(id, "The Homebrew Channel");

TitleDatabase::~TitleDatabase() = default;

const std::string& TitleDatabase::GetTitleName(const std::string& gametdb_id) const
const std::string& TitleDatabase::GetTitleName(const std::string& gametdb_id,
DiscIO::Language language) const
const auto& map = IsWiiTitle(gametdb_id) ? m_wii_title_map : m_gc_title_map;
const auto iterator = map.find(gametdb_id);
return iterator != map.end() ? iterator->second : EMPTY_STRING;
auto it = m_user_title_map.find(gametdb_id);
if (it != m_user_title_map.end())
return it->second;

if (!SConfig::GetInstance().m_use_builtin_title_database)

const Map& map = *;
it = map.find(gametdb_id);
if (it != map.end())
return it->second;

if (language != DiscIO::Language::English)
const Map& english_map = *;
it = english_map.find(gametdb_id);
if (it != english_map.end())
return it->second;

it = m_base_map.find(gametdb_id);
if (it != m_base_map.end())
return it->second;


const std::string& TitleDatabase::GetChannelName(u64 title_id) const
const std::string& TitleDatabase::GetChannelName(u64 title_id, DiscIO::Language language) const
const std::string id{
{static_cast<char>((title_id >> 24) & 0xff), static_cast<char>((title_id >> 16) & 0xff),
static_cast<char>((title_id >> 8) & 0xff), static_cast<char>(title_id & 0xff)}};
return GetTitleName(id);
return GetTitleName(id, language);

std::string TitleDatabase::Describe(const std::string& gametdb_id) const
std::string TitleDatabase::Describe(const std::string& gametdb_id, DiscIO::Language language) const
const std::string& title_name = GetTitleName(gametdb_id);
const std::string& title_name = GetTitleName(gametdb_id, language);
if (title_name.empty())
return gametdb_id;
return StringFromFormat("%s (%s)", title_name.c_str(), gametdb_id.c_str());
@@ -8,6 +8,12 @@
#include <unordered_map>

#include "Common/CommonTypes.h"
#include "Common/Lazy.h"

namespace DiscIO
enum class Language;

namespace Core
@@ -20,16 +26,20 @@ class TitleDatabase final

// Get a user friendly title name for a GameTDB ID.
// This falls back to returning an empty string if none could be found.
const std::string& GetTitleName(const std::string& gametdb_id) const;
const std::string& GetTitleName(const std::string& gametdb_id, DiscIO::Language language) const;

// Same as above, but takes a title ID instead of a GameTDB ID, and only works for channels.
const std::string& GetChannelName(u64 title_id) const;
const std::string& GetChannelName(u64 title_id, DiscIO::Language language) const;

// Get a description for a GameTDB ID (title name if available + GameTDB ID).
std::string Describe(const std::string& gametdb_id) const;
std::string Describe(const std::string& gametdb_id, DiscIO::Language language) const;

std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string> m_wii_title_map;
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string> m_gc_title_map;
void AddLazyMap(DiscIO::Language language, const std::string& language_code);

std::unordered_map<DiscIO::Language, Common::Lazy<std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string>>>
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string> m_base_map;
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string> m_user_title_map;
} // namespace Core
@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@
#include "Core/TitleDatabase.h"
#include "Core/WiiUtils.h"

#include "DiscIO/Enums.h"
#include "DiscIO/NANDImporter.h"
#include "DiscIO/WiiSaveBanner.h"

@@ -1038,11 +1039,12 @@ void MenuBar::CheckNAND()
std::string title_listings;
Core::TitleDatabase title_db;
const DiscIO::Language language = SConfig::GetInstance().GetCurrentLanguage(true);
for (const u64 title_id : result.titles_to_remove)
title_listings += StringFromFormat("%016" PRIx64, title_id);

const std::string database_name = title_db.GetChannelName(title_id);
const std::string database_name = title_db.GetChannelName(title_id, language);
if (!database_name.empty())
title_listings += " - " + database_name;
@@ -50,14 +50,25 @@ static const std::string EMPTY_STRING;
static bool UseGameCovers()
// We ifdef this out on Android because accessing the config before emulation start makes us crash.
// The Android GUI doesn't support covers anyway, so this doesn't make us lose out on functionality.
// The Android GUI handles covers in Java anyway, so this doesn't make us lose any functionality.
#ifdef ANDROID
return false;
return Config::Get(Config::MAIN_USE_GAME_COVERS);

DiscIO::Language GameFile::GetConfigLanguage() const
#ifdef ANDROID
// TODO: Make the Android app load the config at app start instead of emulation start
// so that we can access the user's preference here
return DiscIO::Language::English;
return SConfig::GetInstance().GetCurrentLanguage(DiscIO::IsWii(m_platform));

bool operator==(const GameBanner& lhs, const GameBanner& rhs)
return std::tie(lhs.buffer, lhs.width, lhs.height) == std::tie(rhs.buffer, rhs.width, rhs.height);
@@ -94,15 +105,7 @@ const std::string& GameFile::Lookup(DiscIO::Language language,
const std::string&
GameFile::LookupUsingConfigLanguage(const std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string>& strings) const
#ifdef ANDROID
// TODO: Make the Android app load the config at app start instead of emulation start
// so that we can access the user's preference here
const DiscIO::Language language = DiscIO::Language::English;
const bool wii = DiscIO::IsWii(m_platform);
const DiscIO::Language language = SConfig::GetInstance().GetCurrentLanguage(wii);
return Lookup(language, strings);
return Lookup(GetConfigLanguage(), strings);

GameFile::GameFile(const std::string& path)
@@ -422,7 +425,7 @@ void GameFile::CustomBannerCommit()

const std::string& GameFile::GetName(const Core::TitleDatabase& title_database) const
const std::string& custom_name = title_database.GetTitleName(m_gametdb_id);
const std::string& custom_name = title_database.GetTitleName(m_gametdb_id, GetConfigLanguage());
return custom_name.empty() ? GetName() : custom_name;

@@ -96,6 +96,7 @@ class GameFile final
void CustomCoverCommit();

DiscIO::Language GetConfigLanguage() const;
static const std::string& Lookup(DiscIO::Language language,
const std::map<DiscIO::Language, std::string>& strings);
const std::string&

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