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Fix out of bounds read in HttpRequest::Impl::Fetch logging

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CookiePLMonster committed Jun 23, 2019
1 parent 6c21811 commit 9eab3feddf0b3457cfe933532e0ed51834c6bb02
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  1. +2 −2 Source/Core/Common/HttpRequest.cpp
@@ -221,8 +221,8 @@ HttpRequest::Response HttpRequest::Impl::Fetch(const std::string& url, Method me
curl_easy_getinfo(m_curl.get(), CURLINFO_RESPONSE_CODE, &response_code);
if (response_code != 200)
ERROR_LOG(COMMON, "Failed to %s %s: server replied with code %li and body\n\x1b[0m%s", type,
url.c_str(), response_code,;
ERROR_LOG(COMMON, "Failed to %s %s: server replied with code %li and body\n\x1b[0m%.*s", type,
url.c_str(), response_code, static_cast<int>(buffer.size()),;
return {};

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