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Merge pull request #8260 from chungy/master

Add more cheat codes for Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
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stenzek committed Aug 9, 2019
2 parents f64f4a0 + 2db003a commit a50b53c37e03f337d85a5fc532e6f3f206ec83ec
Showing with 21 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +21 −1 Data/Sys/GameSettings/GFTE01.ini
@@ -8,10 +8,30 @@

# Add action replay cheats here.
$Unlock All Courses
$Unlock All Normal Tours & Courses
0222A3CE 0000FFFF
$Unlock All Players
0222A3CC 0000FFFF
$No Wind
044E6854 00000000
$Ball’s terrain always acts like fairway
926CB422 00000000
526CB422 00000002
126CB422 0000000B
026CB422 00000001
00000000 40000000
$Press Z before landing to go in hole
04418834 4BBEA094
040028C8 3D20804E
040028CC 3D808027
040028D0 A18CBB60
040028D4 718C0010
040028D8 41820014
040028DC 3D808041
040028E0 618C89B0
040028E4 7D8903A6
040028E8 4E800420
040028EC 48415F4C
$Always 1st Stroke: Player 1
006CB4FC 00000001
$Always 1st Stroke: Player 2

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