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WiiSave: Move dialogs to UI code

This moves the result dialogs to DolphinQt2, since WiiSave should not
really be responsible for interacting with the user as a simple
Wii save importing/exporting class.

This also fixes Wii save import/export showing result dialogs twice,
once from WiiSave, and another time from DolphinQt2.
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leoetlino committed May 13, 2018
1 parent 41c4486 commit a93d816c283de6972e3994a7e89f3c423f6afef6
@@ -39,28 +39,16 @@ constexpr u32 s_ng_id = 0x0403AC68;
bool WiiSave::Import(const std::string& filename)
WiiSave save_file{filename};
if (save_file.Import())
SuccessAlertT("Successfully imported save file(s)");
return true;
PanicAlertT("Import failed");
return false;
return save_file.Import();
bool WiiSave::Export(u64 title_id)
std::string WiiSave::Export(u64 title_id)
WiiSave export_save{title_id};
if (export_save.Export())
SuccessAlertT("Successfully exported file to %s", export_save.m_encrypted_save_path.c_str());
return true;
PanicAlertT("Export failed");
return false;
return export_save.Export() ? export_save.m_encrypted_save_path : "";
void WiiSave::ExportAll()
std::pair<size_t, std::string> WiiSave::ExportAll()
std::string title_folder = File::GetUserPath(D_WIIROOT_IDX) + "/title";
std::vector<u64> titles;
@@ -88,16 +76,14 @@ void WiiSave::ExportAll()
SuccessAlertT("Found %zu save file(s)", titles.size());
u32 success = 0;
size_t exported_save_count = 0;
for (const u64& title : titles)
WiiSave export_save{title};
if (export_save.Export())
SuccessAlertT("Successfully exported %u save(s) to %s", success,
(File::GetUserPath(D_USER_IDX) + "private/wii/title/").c_str());
return {exported_save_count, File::GetUserPath(D_USER_IDX) + "private/wii/title/"};
WiiSave::WiiSave(std::string filename) : m_encrypted_save_path(std::move(filename)), m_valid{true}
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
#include <mbedtls/aes.h>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "Common/CommonTypes.h"
@@ -14,9 +15,13 @@
class WiiSave
/// Import a save into the NAND from a .bin file.
static bool Import(const std::string& filename);
static bool Export(u64 title_id);
static void ExportAll();
/// Export a save to a .bin file. Returns the path to the .bin.
static std::string Export(u64 title_id);
/// Export all saves that are in the NAND. Returns the number of exported saves and a path
/// to the .bins.
static std::pair<size_t, std::string> ExportAll();
explicit WiiSave(std::string filename);
@@ -260,11 +260,13 @@ void GameList::ExportWiiSave()
QMessageBox result_dialog(this);
const bool success = WiiSave::Export(GetSelectedGame()->GetTitleID());
const QString bin_path = QString::fromStdString(WiiSave::Export(GetSelectedGame()->GetTitleID()));
result_dialog.setIcon(success ? QMessageBox::Information : QMessageBox::Critical);
result_dialog.setText(success ? tr("Successfully exported save files") :
tr("Failed to export save files!"));
result_dialog.setIcon(!bin_path.isEmpty() ? QMessageBox::Information : QMessageBox::Critical);
if (!bin_path.isEmpty())
result_dialog.setText(tr("Successfully exported save files to %1").arg(bin_path));
result_dialog.setText(tr("Failed to export save files."));
@@ -896,13 +896,21 @@ void MenuBar::ImportWiiSave()
tr("Wii save files (*.bin);;"
"All Files (*)"));
if (!file.isEmpty())
if (file.isEmpty())
if (WiiSave::Import(file.toStdString()))
QMessageBox::information(this, tr("Save Import"), tr("Successfully imported save files."));
QMessageBox::critical(this, tr("Save Import"), tr("Failed to import save files."));
void MenuBar::ExportWiiSaves()
const std::pair<size_t, std::string> result = WiiSave::ExportAll();
QMessageBox::information(this, tr("Save Export"),
tr("Exported %n save(s) to %1", "", static_cast<int>(result.first))
void MenuBar::CheckNAND()

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