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Disallow changing the backend when running when software renderer is …

…currently selected

It already is disabled for other backends, but this didn't happen with the software renderer.  Attempting to change it while running causes the change to visually happen (including switching to the normal render settings UI instead of the barren one for the software renderer), but doesn't actually change the backend itself (it'll still use the software renderer at the next launch).
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Pokechu22 committed Jun 8, 2019
1 parent d927cd2 commit adfbbe3a023696db354daf5964399102ffe8d130
@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@

#include "Core/Config/GraphicsSettings.h"
#include "Core/ConfigManager.h"
#include "Core/Core.h"

#include "DolphinQt/Config/Graphics/GraphicsBool.h"
#include "DolphinQt/Config/Graphics/GraphicsWindow.h"
@@ -26,12 +27,15 @@
SoftwareRendererWidget::SoftwareRendererWidget(GraphicsWindow* parent) : GraphicsWidget(parent)

connect(parent, &GraphicsWindow::BackendChanged, [this] { LoadSettings(); });

emit BackendChanged(QString::fromStdString(SConfig::GetInstance().m_strVideoBackend));

connect(parent, &GraphicsWindow::BackendChanged, [this] { LoadSettings(); });
connect(&Settings::Instance(), &Settings::EmulationStateChanged, this,
[=](Core::State state) { OnEmulationStateChanged(state != Core::State::Uninitialized); });
OnEmulationStateChanged(Core::GetState() != Core::State::Uninitialized);

void SoftwareRendererWidget::CreateWidgets()
@@ -180,3 +184,8 @@ void SoftwareRendererWidget::AddDescriptions()
AddDescription(m_dump_tev_stages, TR_DUMP_TEV_STAGES_DESCRIPTION);
AddDescription(m_dump_tev_fetches, TR_DUMP_TEV_FETCHES_DESCRIPTION);

void SoftwareRendererWidget::OnEmulationStateChanged(bool running)
@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@ class SoftwareRendererWidget final : public GraphicsWidget
void ConnectWidgets();
void AddDescriptions();

void OnEmulationStateChanged(bool running);

QComboBox* m_backend_combo;
QCheckBox* m_show_statistics;
QCheckBox* m_dump_textures;

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