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OGL: Remove unused ProgramShaderCache::CompileShader()

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stenzek committed Apr 20, 2019
1 parent f8c1ba4 commit bbd1ae16db4932e4fb024d6feccb01bc52ed1d87
@@ -267,73 +267,6 @@ void ProgramShaderCache::UploadConstants(const void* data, u32 data_size)
ADDSTAT(stats.thisFrame.bytesUniformStreamed, data_size);

bool ProgramShaderCache::CompileShader(SHADER& shader, const std::string& vcode,
const std::string& pcode, const std::string& gcode)
#if defined(_DEBUG) || defined(DEBUGFAST)
if (g_ActiveConfig.iLog & CONF_SAVESHADERS)
static int counter = 0;
std::string filename =
StringFromFormat("%svs_%04i.txt", File::GetUserPath(D_DUMP_IDX).c_str(), counter++);
SaveData(filename, vcode.c_str());

filename = StringFromFormat("%sps_%04i.txt", File::GetUserPath(D_DUMP_IDX).c_str(), counter++);
SaveData(filename, pcode.c_str());

if (!gcode.empty())
filename =
StringFromFormat("%sgs_%04i.txt", File::GetUserPath(D_DUMP_IDX).c_str(), counter++);
SaveData(filename, gcode.c_str());

shader.vsid = CompileSingleShader(GL_VERTEX_SHADER, vcode);
shader.psid = CompileSingleShader(GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER, pcode);

// Optional geometry shader
shader.gsid = 0;
if (!gcode.empty())
shader.gsid = CompileSingleShader(GL_GEOMETRY_SHADER, gcode);

if (!shader.vsid || !shader.psid || (!gcode.empty() && !shader.gsid))
return false;

// Create and link the program.
shader.glprogid = glCreateProgram();

glAttachShader(shader.glprogid, shader.vsid);
glAttachShader(shader.glprogid, shader.psid);
if (shader.gsid)
glAttachShader(shader.glprogid, shader.gsid);

if (g_ActiveConfig.backend_info.bSupportsPipelineCacheData)
glProgramParameteri(shader.glprogid, GL_PROGRAM_BINARY_RETRIEVABLE_HINT, GL_TRUE);



if (!CheckProgramLinkResult(shader.glprogid, vcode, pcode, gcode))
// Don't try to use this shader
return false;

// For drivers that don't support binding layout, we need to bind it here.

// Original shaders aren't needed any more.
return true;

bool ProgramShaderCache::CompileComputeShader(SHADER& shader, const std::string& code)
// We need to enable GL_ARB_compute_shader for drivers that support the extension,
@@ -74,8 +74,6 @@ class ProgramShaderCache
static void InvalidateVertexFormat();
static void InvalidateLastProgram();

static bool CompileShader(SHADER& shader, const std::string& vcode, const std::string& pcode,
const std::string& gcode = "");
static bool CompileComputeShader(SHADER& shader, const std::string& code);
static GLuint CompileSingleShader(GLenum type, const std::string& code);
static bool CheckShaderCompileResult(GLuint id, GLenum type, const std::string& code);

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