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Remove invalid IPL hashes (NTSC-U and NTSC-J use same IPL)

See We now only have
the hashes that have been confirmed on Redump.

For the reference, MAME's list of bad GameCube IPL dumps:
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JosJuice committed Mar 24, 2019
1 parent 0b3385a commit d42fa8f80e87a938a6efeaf397d49bb395e7892b
Showing with 19 additions and 36 deletions.
  1. +19 −36 Source/Core/Core/Boot/Boot.cpp
@@ -284,25 +284,12 @@ bool CBoot::LoadMapFromFilename()
// It does not initialize the hardware or anything else like BS1 does.
bool CBoot::Load_BS2(const std::string& boot_rom_filename)
// CRC32 hashes of the IPL file; including source where known
constexpr u32 USA_v1_0 = 0x6D740AE7;
constexpr u32 USA_v1_1 = 0xD5E6FEEA;
constexpr u32 USA_v1_2 = 0x86573808;
// GameCubes sold in Brazil have this IPL. Same as USA v1.2 but localized
constexpr u32 BRA_v1_0 = 0x667D0B64;
// Redump
constexpr u32 JAP_v1_0 = 0x6DAC1F2A;
constexpr u32 JAP_v1_1 = 0xD235E3F9;
constexpr u32 JAP_v1_2 = 0x8BDABBD4;
// Redump
// CRC32 hashes of the IPL file, obtained from Redump
constexpr u32 NTSC_v1_0 = 0x6DAC1F2A;
constexpr u32 NTSC_v1_1 = 0xD5E6FEEA;
constexpr u32 NTSC_v1_2 = 0x86573808;
constexpr u32 MPAL_v1_1 = 0x667D0B64; // Brazil
constexpr u32 PAL_v1_0 = 0x4F319F43;
constexpr u32 PAL_v1_1 = 0xDD8CAB7C;
// Redump
constexpr u32 PAL_v1_2 = 0xAD1B7F16;

// Load the whole ROM dump
@@ -313,36 +300,32 @@ bool CBoot::Load_BS2(const std::string& boot_rom_filename)
// Use zlibs crc32 implementation to compute the hash
u32 ipl_hash = crc32(0L, Z_NULL, 0);
ipl_hash = crc32(ipl_hash, (const Bytef*), (u32)data.size());
DiscIO::Region ipl_region;
bool known_ipl = false;
bool pal_ipl = false;
switch (ipl_hash)
case USA_v1_0:
case USA_v1_1:
case USA_v1_2:
case BRA_v1_0:
ipl_region = DiscIO::Region::NTSC_U;
case JAP_v1_0:
case JAP_v1_1:
case JAP_v1_2:
ipl_region = DiscIO::Region::NTSC_J;
case NTSC_v1_0:
case NTSC_v1_1:
case NTSC_v1_2:
case MPAL_v1_1:
known_ipl = true;
case PAL_v1_0:
case PAL_v1_1:
case PAL_v1_2:
ipl_region = DiscIO::Region::PAL;
pal_ipl = true;
known_ipl = true;
PanicAlertT("IPL with unknown hash %x", ipl_hash);
ipl_region = DiscIO::Region::Unknown;
PanicAlertT("The IPL file is not a known good dump. (CRC32: %x)", ipl_hash);

const DiscIO::Region boot_region = SConfig::GetInstance().m_region;
if (ipl_region != DiscIO::Region::Unknown && boot_region != ipl_region)
if (known_ipl && pal_ipl != (boot_region == DiscIO::Region::PAL))
PanicAlertT("%s IPL found in %s directory. The disc might not be recognized",
pal_ipl ? "PAL" : "NTSC", SConfig::GetDirectoryForRegion(boot_region));

// Run the descrambler over the encrypted section containing BS1/BS2
ExpansionInterface::CEXIIPL::Descrambler((u8*) + 0x100, 0x1AFE00);

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