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CodeViewWidget: Get rid of magic values in OnInsertBLR() and OnInsert…


A call like ReplaceAddress(address, 0) is pretty ambiguous; so is
ReplaceAddress(address, false), so use an enum class that tells people
straight-up what the replacer is.

This also gets rid of the really weird naming, where if 'blr' is true,
we'd be replacing the address with a NOP, rather than an actual BLR
instruction, so we invert that so it actually makes sense. There's no
actual bug fixed here though, considering the OnInsert functions
specified the correct values; it's literally just weird naming.
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lioncash committed May 13, 2018
1 parent bbc0aee commit d7a3ce26def900a8e7c4945f202bea472668c757
@@ -195,14 +195,14 @@ void CodeViewWidget::SetAddress(u32 address, SetAddressUpdate update)
void CodeViewWidget::ReplaceAddress(u32 address, bool blr)
void CodeViewWidget::ReplaceAddress(u32 address, ReplaceWith replace)
auto found = std::find_if(m_repl_list.begin(), m_repl_list.end(),
[address](ReplStruct r) { return r.address == address; });
if (found != m_repl_list.end())
PowerPC::debug_interface.WriteExtraMemory(0, (*found).old_value, address);
PowerPC::debug_interface.WriteExtraMemory(0, found->old_value, address);
@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ void CodeViewWidget::ReplaceAddress(u32 address, bool blr)
PowerPC::debug_interface.Patch(address, blr ? 0x60000000 : 0x4e800020);
PowerPC::debug_interface.Patch(address, replace == ReplaceWith::BLR ? 0x4e800020 : 0x60000000);
@@ -347,14 +347,14 @@ void CodeViewWidget::OnInsertBLR()
const u32 addr = GetContextAddress();
ReplaceAddress(addr, 0);
ReplaceAddress(addr, ReplaceWith::BLR);
void CodeViewWidget::OnInsertNOP()
const u32 addr = GetContextAddress();
ReplaceAddress(addr, 1);
ReplaceAddress(addr, ReplaceWith::NOP);
void CodeViewWidget::OnFollowBranch()
@@ -40,7 +40,13 @@ class CodeViewWidget : public QTableWidget
void BreakpointsChanged();
void ReplaceAddress(u32 address, bool blr);
enum class ReplaceWith
void ReplaceAddress(u32 address, ReplaceWith replace);
void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent*) override;
void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent* event) override;

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