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Merge pull request #3829 from phire/timing_madness

Increase Audio DMA Interrupt delay to 200 cycles (Fix assorted Namco games)
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degasus committed May 18, 2016
2 parents e11b884 + 2c95cf0 commit da3b03c61d971d90bc18e9b5f3f943bd906cfac4
Showing with 9 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +9 −2 Source/Core/Core/HW/DSP.cpp
@@ -428,10 +428,17 @@ void RegisterMMIO(MMIO::Mapping* mmio, u32 base)
g_audioDMA.current_source_address = g_audioDMA.SourceAddress;
g_audioDMA.remaining_blocks_count = g_audioDMA.AudioDMAControl.NumBlocks;

INFO_LOG(AUDIO_INTERFACE, "Audio DMA configured: %i blocks from 0x%08x",
g_audioDMA.AudioDMAControl.NumBlocks, g_audioDMA.SourceAddress);

// We make the samples ready as soon as possible
void *address = Memory::GetPointer(g_audioDMA.SourceAddress);
AudioCommon::SendAIBuffer((short*)address, g_audioDMA.AudioDMAControl.NumBlocks * 8);
CoreTiming::ScheduleEvent(80, et_GenerateDSPInterrupt, INT_AID);

// TODO: need hardware tests for the timing of this interrupt.
// Sky Crawlers crashes at boot if this is scheduled less than 87 cycles in the future.
// Other Namco games crash too, see issue 9509. For now we will just push it to 200 cycles
CoreTiming::ScheduleEvent(200, et_GenerateDSPInterrupt, INT_AID);
@@ -481,7 +488,7 @@ static void GenerateDSPInterrupt(u64 DSPIntType, s64 cyclesLate)
void GenerateDSPInterruptFromDSPEmu(DSPInterruptType type)
// TODO: Maybe rethink this? ScheduleEvent_Threadsafe has unpredictable timing.
// TODO: Maybe rethink this? ScheduleEvent_Threadsafe_Immediate has unpredictable timing.
CoreTiming::ScheduleEvent_Threadsafe_Immediate(et_GenerateDSPInterrupt, type);

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