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GCMemcard: Remove unused ability of ImportGci() to write a GCI file t…

…o disk.
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AdmiralCurtiss committed May 5, 2019
1 parent 0185720 commit e390fd0f4e853ceb7beb23eb44a79b42486f66dd
@@ -837,22 +837,20 @@ GCMemcardImportFileRetVal GCMemcard::CopyFrom(const GCMemcard& source, u8 index)

GCMemcardImportFileRetVal GCMemcard::ImportGci(const std::string& inputFile,
const std::string& outputFile)
GCMemcardImportFileRetVal GCMemcard::ImportGci(const std::string& inputFile)
if (outputFile.empty() && !m_valid)
if (!m_valid)
return GCMemcardImportFileRetVal::OPENFAIL;

File::IOFile gci(inputFile, "rb");
if (!gci)
return GCMemcardImportFileRetVal::OPENFAIL;

return ImportGciInternal(std::move(gci), inputFile, outputFile);
return ImportGciInternal(std::move(gci), inputFile);

GCMemcardImportFileRetVal GCMemcard::ImportGciInternal(File::IOFile&& gci,
const std::string& inputFile,
const std::string& outputFile)
const std::string& inputFile)
unsigned int offset;
std::string fileType;
@@ -907,39 +905,7 @@ GCMemcardImportFileRetVal GCMemcard::ImportGciInternal(File::IOFile&& gci,
gci.ReadBytes(, b.m_block.size());
GCMemcardImportFileRetVal ret;
if (!outputFile.empty())
File::IOFile gci2(outputFile, "wb");
bool completeWrite = true;
if (!gci2)
return GCMemcardImportFileRetVal::OPENFAIL;
gci2.Seek(0, SEEK_SET);

if (!gci2.WriteBytes(&tempDEntry, DENTRY_SIZE))
completeWrite = false;
int fileBlocks = tempDEntry.m_block_count;

for (int i = 0; i < fileBlocks; ++i)
if (!gci2.WriteBytes(saveData[i], saveData[i].m_block.size()))
completeWrite = false;

// TODO: This is interpreted as failure by the calling code if it only checks for SUCCESS.
// What is the logic here?
if (completeWrite)
ret = GCMemcardImportFileRetVal::GCS;
ret = GCMemcardImportFileRetVal::WRITEFAIL;
ret = ImportFile(tempDEntry, saveData);

return ret;
return ImportFile(tempDEntry, saveData);

GCMemcardExportFileRetVal GCMemcard::ExportGci(u8 index, const std::string& fileName,
@@ -60,8 +60,6 @@ enum class GCMemcardImportFileRetVal

enum class GCMemcardExportFileRetVal
@@ -380,8 +378,7 @@ class GCMemcard
int m_active_directory;
int m_active_bat;

GCMemcardImportFileRetVal ImportGciInternal(File::IOFile&& gci, const std::string& inputFile,
const std::string& outputFile);
GCMemcardImportFileRetVal ImportGciInternal(File::IOFile&& gci, const std::string& inputFile);
void InitActiveDirBat();

const Directory& GetActiveDirectory() const;
@@ -456,8 +453,8 @@ class GCMemcard
// reads a save from another memcard, and imports the data into this memcard
GCMemcardImportFileRetVal CopyFrom(const GCMemcard& source, u8 index);

// reads a .gci/.gcs/.sav file and calls ImportFile or saves out a gci file
GCMemcardImportFileRetVal ImportGci(const std::string& inputFile, const std::string& outputFile);
// reads a .gci/.gcs/.sav file and calls ImportFile
GCMemcardImportFileRetVal ImportGci(const std::string& inputFile);

// writes a .gci file to disk containing index
GCMemcardExportFileRetVal ExportGci(u8 index, const std::string& fileName,
@@ -330,7 +330,7 @@ void GCMemcardManager::ImportFile()
if (path.isEmpty())

const auto result = m_slot_memcard[m_active_slot]->ImportGci(path.toStdString(), "");
const auto result = m_slot_memcard[m_active_slot]->ImportGci(path.toStdString());

if (result != GCMemcardImportFileRetVal::SUCCESS)

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