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DolphinQt: Display game list file sizes with an asterisk when file-si…

…ze differs from volume-size (e.g. when they are compressed).
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jordan-woyak committed Jan 27, 2019
1 parent ff5e296 commit efd5c3677385ed861cd76886aae57f6dea182431
Showing with 9 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +9 −1 Source/Core/DolphinQt/GameList/GameListModel.cpp
@@ -135,7 +135,15 @@ QVariant GameListModel::data(const QModelIndex& index, int role) const
case COL_SIZE:
if (role == Qt::DisplayRole)
return QString::fromStdString(UICommon::FormatSize(game.GetFileSize()));
std::string str = UICommon::FormatSize(game.GetFileSize());

// Add asterisk to size of compressed files.
if (game.GetFileSize() != game.GetVolumeSize())
str += '*';

return QString::fromStdString(str);
if (role == Qt::InitialSortOrderRole)
return static_cast<quint64>(game.GetFileSize());

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