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D3D12: Fix rare case where command list was executed with open queries

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stenzek committed Apr 1, 2019
1 parent 92f1f55 commit f2d8c8d2a8cad108425e297d65a9b0902b3d0c9c
@@ -57,6 +57,12 @@ void PerfQuery::EnableQuery(PerfQueryGroup type)
PartialFlush(do_resolve, blocking);

// Ensure all state is applied before beginning the query.
// This is because we can't leave a query open when submitting a command list, and the draw
// call itself may need to execute a command list if we run out of descriptors. Note that
// this assumes that the caller has bound all required state prior to enabling the query.

if (type == PQG_ZCOMP_ZCOMPLOC || type == PQG_ZCOMP)
ActiveQuery& entry = m_query_buffer[m_query_next_pos];
@@ -89,6 +89,9 @@ class Renderer final : public ::Renderer
void SetVertexBuffer(D3D12_GPU_VIRTUAL_ADDRESS address, u32 stride, u32 size);
void SetIndexBuffer(D3D12_GPU_VIRTUAL_ADDRESS address, u32 size, DXGI_FORMAT format);

// Binds all dirty state
bool ApplyState();

void OnConfigChanged(u32 bits) override;

@@ -131,8 +134,6 @@ class Renderer final : public ::Renderer

void CheckForSwapChainChanges();

// Binds all dirty state
bool ApplyState();
void BindFramebuffer(DXFramebuffer* fb);
void SetRootSignatures();
void SetDescriptorHeaps();
@@ -31,22 +31,31 @@ class PerfQueryBase
PerfQueryBase() : m_query_count(0) {}
virtual ~PerfQueryBase() {}

// Checks if performance queries are enabled in the gameini configuration.
// NOTE: Called from CPU+GPU thread
static bool ShouldEmulate();

// Begin querying the specified value for the following host GPU commands
// The call to EnableQuery() should be placed immediately before the draw command, otherwise
// there is a risk of GPU resets if the query is left open and the buffer is submitted during
// resource binding (D3D12/Vulkan).
virtual void EnableQuery(PerfQueryGroup type) {}

// Stop querying the specified value for the following host GPU commands
virtual void DisableQuery(PerfQueryGroup type) {}

// Reset query counters to zero and drop any pending queries
virtual void ResetQuery() {}

// Return the measured value for the specified query type
// NOTE: Called from CPU thread
virtual u32 GetQueryResult(PerfQueryType type) { return 0; }

// Request the value of any pending queries - causes a pipeline flush and thus should be used
// carefully!
virtual void FlushResults() {}

// True if there are no further pending query results
// NOTE: Called from CPU thread
virtual bool IsFlushed() const { return true; }

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