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Dolphin Emulator Official Website

Technologies: Django (Python 3), HTML and CSS, using Twitter Bootstrap.

Author: mostly Pierre Bourdon (

Translations are handled via Transifex, see:

Quick overview

5 important applications:

  • Downloads: serves the list of downloads, revision info, branch list, etc. Gets requests from the Buildbot when a build is complete and updates its internal database.
  • Compat: serves the compatibility list, which gets its data from the Dolphin Wiki ( and from a MongoDB database containing game banners (fetched and used to generate an image atlas regularly).
  • Docs: serves the FAQ (stored internally in a database, with a dynamic i18n translation layer) and the guides (stored in the Dolphin Wiki).
  • Media: serves the screenshot gallery.
  • Homepage: serves the homepage.
  • Update: serves update metadata information to users.


Code is licensed under the MIT license: do whatever you want with it. Images are licensed under the CC-by-sa license: if you want to use them, please attribute them to us and redistribute them under the same license.

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