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DolphinDB Python API 3
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DolphinDB Python API

Environment setup

Before Running the scripts,please have python packages numpy and pandas installed.

Method 1:

please download the 64bit python 3.6 version of anaconda, which contains python and all packages we need to run DolphinDB api python scripts

Method 2:

1: download and install the latest python 3.6.* 2: sudo easy_install pip
3: pip install numpy
4: pip install pandas
5: pip install cryptography

Then, please go to our python api folder and install the package through the following command:

To install for the first time:

    python install

To update the existing install:

   python install --force

Get it started

Assuming you have dolphindb SERVER running on port 8848, you can run the following commands in python console

import dolphindb as ddb
#start a DolphinDB session
s = ddb.session() 
# connect to DolphinDB server
success = s.connect('localhost', 8848)
# or connect with login info
s = ddb.session() 
success = s.connect('localhost', 8848, "admin","123456") 
if success:
    obj ="Your DolphinDB script") #run dolphinDB script

For more examples, please refer to python api tutorial:

The jupter notebook tutorial here


Package introduction

1: DolphinDB api for querying DolphinDB server

2: contain the data form and type definitions, and other settings python data building factory based on returned DolphinDB object

4: python socket protocols

5: converting integer into python datetime object

6: manipulate DolphinDB SQL query through python class "Table".

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