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DolphinDB Release Notes

Release Date : 2018-12-24

Version : 0.8

DolphinDB Server

Linux binary | Windows binary

New Features

  • DolphinDB driver for Grafana to present streaming data more conveniently.
  • Add an aggregation engine for streaming data.
  • Add function quadprog for quadratic programming.
  • Add the feature of resource scheduling and management.
  • Add function addValuePartitions to dynamically increase partitions for value domain.
  • Add 14 cumulative distribution functions, 12 inverse cumulative distribution functions and 13 random numbers generator functions for frequently used distributions.
  • Add aggregated functions atImax and atImin.
  • Add aggregated functions skew and kurtosis.
  • Support Chinese column names and variable names.


  • Warning about insufficient disk space in log files.
  • Enhance distributed file system stability under stress tests.


  • Error message on the web interface when the web server log file reaches certain size.
  • RSA decryption bug.

DolphinDB GUI


  • Improve formatting when INT and CHAR data types are exported to EXCEL.
  • Support script with UTF-8 encoding.

DolphinDB APIs

JDBC source

  • new release.

C# API source


  • Support UTF-8 encoding.
  • Try reconnect and login when network anomaly detected.

Python API source


  • Support UTF-8 encoding.
  • Add Nan value for every data type of Python pandas to be uploaded to DolphinDB.

DolphinDB Plugins