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DolphinDB Release Notes

Release Date : 2019.02.18

Version : 0.9

DolphinDB Server

Linux binary | Windows binary

New Features

  • Support dynamically adding new columns in distributed tables and streaming tables.
  • A new type of in-memory table that supports concurrent read and write: mvccTable.
  • Left join now includes left join (lj) and left semi join (lsj).
  • New keyword "csort" in SQL for in-group sorting of the result of "context by" clauses.
  • New function "isSorted" to judge if a vector has been sorted.
  • New configuration parameter "webLoginRequired".
  • New function "getSessionMemoryStat" for memory usage monitoring.


  • Optimize the performance of "select top ..." statements.
  • Optimize the performance of functions "find", "asof" and "binarySearch" on subarrays.

DolphinDB GUI


  • Support adjusting font size.
  • Support adjusting tab size.

DolphinDB APIs

JDBC source

  • Implement method "setQueryTimeout" of java.sql.Statement, which prevents the system from waiting too long for running queries.

C# API source

  • Add "initialScript" mode to automatically execute the initialization script when reconnecting to DolphinDB server.

DolphinDB Plugins

  • Updated plugin header files


  • Provide MySql plugin to import data or query results from MySql to DolphinDB.

    MySql Plugin binary | source

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