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DolphinDB Release Notes

Release Date : 2019-03-18

Version : 0.93.4

DolphinDB Server

Linux binary | Windows binary

New Features

  • Add functions "getAggregatorStat, "getAggregator" and "removeAggregator" for streaming aggregator management.


  • Optimize the performance of SQL statements with "pivot by" clause.
  • Add published streaming tables to the output of function "getStreamingStat".

Bug fixes and sub releases

  • Fixed the specical characters ('"', '+', etc) handling issue when parsing data with Grafana API. (2019-03-18 0.93.4)
  • Fixed a bug that the DolphinDB process may crash when multiple sessions open the same dfs-based database and assign this database object to a variable (2019-03-13 0.93.3 Linux binary | Windows binary)
  • Fixed a bug of SQL statement with "pivot by" clause. With a large pivoting table (with more than millions of rows), the DolphinDB process may crash due to a bug on big array sorting. (2019-03-11 0.93.2 Linux binary | Windows binary)
  • Fixed a bug of nested query on partitioned table join. If one of the table objects to join is a subquery on a distributed table, the query will cause crash. (2019-03-05 0.93.1 Linux binary | Windows binary)

DolphinDB APIs

  • Add C++ API for streaming.

DolphinDB Plugin