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DolphinDB Release Notes

DolphinDB Server

Version : 0.98.0

Release Date : 2019-09-23

Linux64 binary | Linux32 binary | Windows64 binary | Windows32 binary | ARM64 binary | ARM32 binary | Loongson64 binary

New Features

  • Added meta data high availability.

  • Added data cache to improve writing performance.

  • Added DFS database support in single node mode.

  • Added function addRangePartition to extend RANGE partition.

  • Added function textChunkDS to split a text file into multiple data sources.

  • Added function migrate for data migration.

  • Added statement go to support step-by-step execution of scripts.

  • Added function eye to generate unit matrix.

  • Added function diag to generate diagonal matrix.

  • Added snapshot engine to maintain the latest state of the inserted data sequence, suitable for scenarios such as iot.


  • To improve security, when the configuration option webLoginRequired is enabled, user must log in to execute scripts and functions.

Bug fixes

  • For a table that does not contain a column of symbol type, when adding a symbol column to it through function addColumn and no data is added, searching the table will cause an exception.

  • When using the function toStdJson to convert an empty table to a JSON string, a non-standard JSON string will be returned.

DolphinDB GUI

  • Added highligt for keyword go.

  • Fixed a bug that function plot cannot draw charts other than a line chart when the x-axis is temporal data type.

  • Added a checkbox on whether function parameter prompt is enabled to solve the problem that the smart reminder panel does not disappear on a few Linux desktops.

  • Added a database panel to browse distributed databases and table structures.

  • Added a button to try to cancel a running task.

  • Added the option to allow forced exit of GUI.

  • Added the login menu to the VSCode plugin.

DolphinDB plugin binary files:

DolphinDB AWS S3 Plugin

DolphinDB ZLIB Plugin

DolphinDB MYSQL Plugin

DolphinDB ODBC Plugin

DolphinDB HDF5 Plugin


DolphinDB APIs

  • Added go api.