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DolphinDB Release Notes

DolphinDB Server

Version: 0.99.0

Release Date: 2019-10-25

Linux64 binary | Linux32 binary | Windows64 binary | Windows32 binary | ARM64 binary | ARM32 binary | Loongson64 binary

New Features

  • Added 3 new 16-byte data types: UUID, IP and INT128. These data types can be used to create partitioned tables with HASH domain.

  • Added function createTable to create dimension tables (non-partitioned tables) in a partitioned database.

  • Added function keyedStreamTable. A keyedStreamTable does not allow rows with duplicate values of keyColumn. A new record cannot be written to a keyedStreamTable if it has identical value of keyColumn as a row in the keyedStreamTable.

  • Added encoding conversion functions: toUTF8, fromUTF8, and convertEncode. For Windows version, only the conversion between gbk and utf-8 is supported. For Linux version, conversions between any encoding are supported.

  • Added function replaceColumn! to change the content or data type of a column of an in-memory table.

  • Added function reorderColumn! to adjust the column order of an in-memory table.

  • Added function evaltimer to assign the execution time of a function to a variable.

  • Added function setColumnComment to comment on columns of a DFS table.

  • Added string functions md5 and crc32 to hash a string.

  • Added function hex to display integers in hexadecimal format.

  • Added function concatDateTime that combines a DATE-type object and an object of type SECOND, TIME or NANOTIME to one object.

  • Added function isDuplicated to mark duplicate values in one or multiple vectors.


  • Added function enableTableShareAndPersistence to guarantee the atomicity of two operations(share and enableTablePersistence) on a streaming table, thus solving the problem that concurrent subscriptions may fail due to lack of atomicity.

  • Improved the performance of string functions including left, right, startsWith, endsWith, substr, substru, lpad, rpad, strReplace, and strpos

  • Function transpose now supports dictionaries and tables.

Upgrade Instructions

  • Many new features such as the new data types, dimension table and column comments in this release require the latest version of GUI.

  • Must use the latest version of GUI to browse partitioned tables in the variable panel.

  • The folder server/web needs to be updated.

DolphinDB GUI

  • Added keywords: UUID, IP and INT128.

  • Support schema browsing for partitioned tables.

  • Support browsing of dimension tables.

  • When there are multiple controllers in a cluster, the web-based cluster manager will automatically locate and jump to the leader controller's URL.

  • Added a button to cancel interactive tasks.

  • Can close GUI even if a task is running.

DolphinDB plugin binary files:

DolphinDB AWS S3 Plugin

DolphinDB ZLIB Plugin

DolphinDB MYSQL Plugin

DolphinDB ODBC Plugin

DolphinDB HDF5 Plugin


DolphinDB APIs


    Now support login information loss detection and automatic re-login.

  • C# API:

    Now support login information loss detection and automatic re-login.

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