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DolphinDB Release Notes

DolphinDB Server

Version: 1.00.0 Release date: 2019-12-02

Linux64 binary | Windows64 binary |

Version: 1.00.1 Release date: 2019.12.11

Linux64 binary | Windows64 binary |

Version: 1.00.2 Release date: 2019.12.16

Linux64 binary | Windows64 binary |

Version: 1.00.3 Release date: 2019.12.18

Linux64 binary | Windows64 binary |

Version: 1.00.4 Release date: 2019.12.20

Linux64 binary | Windows64 binary |

Version: 1.00.5 Release date: 2019.12.23

Linux64 binary | Windows64 binary |

Version: 1.00.6 Release date: 2020.1.6

Linux64 binary | Windows64 binary |

New feature

  • Support high-availability of streaming based on Raft protocol.

  • New functions:

    • Temporal functions: dayOfYear,dayOfMonth, quarterOfYear,monthOfYear,weekOfYear,hourOfDay,minuteOfHour,secondOfMinute,weekday,yearBegin,yearEnd,businessYearBegin,businessYearEnd,monthBegin,monthEnd,semiMonthBegin,semiMonthEnd,businessMonthBegin,businessMonthEnd,quarterBegin,quarterEnd,quarterBusinessBegin,quarterBusinessEnd,week,lastWeekOfMonth,weekOfMonth, fy5253,fy5253Quarter,isYearStart,isYearEnd,isQuarterStart,isQuarterEnd,isMonthStart,isMonthEnd,isLeapYear,daysInMonth,weekBegin
    • String functions: isUpper,isLower,isTitle,isSpace,isAlpha,isNumeric,isDigit,isAlNum,isDecimal
    • Window functions: ewmMean,ewmStd,ewmVar,ewmCov,ewmCorr
    • Math functions: isMonotonic,isMonotonicIncreasing,isMonotonicDecreasing,quantile,quantileSeries
    • Function nunique calculates the number of unique elements in a vector
    • Function interpolate
  • Added functions getOS, getOSBit, parseExpr, and dayOfWeek (1.00.1)

  • Can specify the startup script through the system parameter 'startup' (1.00.1)

  • Functions cancelJob and cancelConsoleJob can cancel tasks that cannot be decomposed into subtasks in for loops (1.00.1)

  • Added function mmse(1.00.3)

  • Function replay adds the parameter of 'absoluteRate', which supports replaying data at the specified times of the speed of data generation (1.00.4)

  • Added function fill! (1.00.5)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed the bug that causes system crash when updating a table after using function reorderColumns!.
  • Fixed the bug that causes system crash when SQL update and delete statements on partitioned in-memory tables are used with local variables. (1.00.1)
  • Fixed memory leaking problem of Raft follower nodes. (1.00.1)
  • Fixed problems from using module when jobs are serialized to disk. (1.00.1)
  • Fixed the problem that the server may take longer than usual to restart due to check point issue. (1.00.1)
  • Fixed a crashing problem when function createTimeSeriesAggregator specified multiple keyColumns. (1.00.2)
  • Fixed the empty data problem of using loadTableBySQL to read data from a partitioned table using COMPO partition. (1.00.2)
  • When a partitioned database contains multiple tables, the cached data may be corrupted after executing dropPartition and writing data to one of the tables multiple times. (1.00.4)
  • Fixed a potential crashing issue in SQL with data prior to the year of 1970. (1.00.5)
  • Fixed a bug in assignment statements in serialized function views. If the right-hand side of the assignment statement is a constant array and the function view is executed multiple times after serialization, this array may be modified. This may lead to incorrect result or a crash. (1.00.6)


  • scheduleJob can call functions defined in DolphinDB modules.
  • Functions isMonotonic and isMonotonicIncreasing now return true for weakly increasing vectors; function isMonotonicDecreasing now returns true for weakly increasing vectors. (1.00.2)
  • Besides vector and matrix, functions nullFill!, bfill!, ffill! and lfill! can accept in-memory tables as an input parameter and support replacing NULL values in all columns in the entire table. (1.00.2)
  • Improved time-series aggregator engine to support handling data that are ordered within each group but not in the entire table (1.00.3).
  • The window alignment scale of the time-series aggregator engine has been extended to support the minute level. (1.00.3)
  • Improved the functions for importing text files: loadText, ploadText, loadTextEx, textChunkDS and extractTextScheama. (1.00.6)
    • Can skip a specified number of rows at the beginning of the input files.
    • Can specify a parsing format for date and time types.
    • Can import only the specified columns.
    • For a column that is specified as numeric type, non-numeric characters are ignored. If there are no numbers, a NULL value is returned (previous versions return 0).
    • Can parse comma separators in integers or floating point numbers.
    • Can specify a conversion function in loadTextEx. The imported data is processed and then appended to the database table.

DolphinDB GUI

  • SQL statements support 3 new types of hint constants: HINT_KEEPORDER, HINT_HASH and HINT_SNAPSHOT. Please refer to function sql in user manual.

  • Support synchronizing DolphinDB modules to remote servers.

DolphinDB plugin binary files

  • Plugins including AWS S3, ZLIB, MYSQL, ODBC and HDF5 are packaged under the folder "server/plugins" for this release.

  • Plugin source code

  • ODBC

    The odbc::append method provides an optional parameter 'insertIgnore'. For target databases that support the 'insert ignore' syntax, when parameter 'insertIgore' is specified, duplicate data on the primary key will be ignored.

DolphinDB APIs

  • JAVA

    Optimized streaming reconnection stability.

  • C++

    Optimized streaming reconnection stability.

  • C#

    Support for new data types UUID and IPADDR.

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