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Minor ActiveRecord extensions
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Collection of minor extensions to ActiveRecord which just makes life easier.


  • strictly_belongs_to(table_name, options = {})

    Encapsulates pattern for delegating to and validating belongs_to associations so that you can write

    class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base
      strictly_belongs_to :post, :delegating => [ :subdomain ]

    instead of

    class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base
      belongs_to :post
      validates_presence_of :post_id
      delegate :subdomain, :to => :post

    Generates proper validation for polymorphic models, passes through :message, :on, :if, :unless options to validates_presence_of.

  • my_quote_columns(*column_names)

    Quotes passed columns prepending properly quoted table name (useful for joins of other cases where columns must be fully qualified).

  • validates_url_format_of(*attr_names)

    Validates that the attribute is the proper URL.

  • validates_email_format_of(*attr_names)

    Validates that the attribute is a proper email.

  • validates_subdomain_format_of(attr_name, options = {})

    Validates that the attribute can be used as the name of the subdomain.

  • random

    Returns random record. The implementation isn't RDBMS vendor specific.


  • smart_clone(changing_attributes = {})

    Clones the model resetting created_at/updated_at attributes, and setting attributes from changing_attributes on cloned model.

  • to_ostruct_exposing(*exposed_methods_and_initialize_hashes)

    Constructs OpenStruct based on the record. Names of methods which will be carried along to resulting OpenStruct can be passed and also initialization hash as for normal OpenStruct constructor.

  • to_hash_exposing(*exposed_methods_and_initialize_hashes)

    Constructs Hash based on the record. Names of methods which will be carried along to resulting Hash can be passed and also initialization hash will be used as the starting point for resulting Hash.

  • short_inspect

    Returns brief information about model (id or new_record) and truncated name/title attribute when such attribute is present. Useful in log messages.

  • hit!

    Registers object view (when object has :views attribute).

  • inspect_errors

    Returns all found validation errors + the result of inspect so that you from which model these errors came. Again can be useful in logging.

  • valid!

    Raises exception if record is invalid.


Replaces Rails default ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid exception. When save! or create! is called for model which can't be validated ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid exception is raised. The message of this exception includes the description of validation errors but doesn't say anything about the model for which the validation failed. This ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid implementation adds this information to the exception message. Useful in logging, batch processing, etc.

Hats off to Loren Segal for his awesome YARD tool which is used to generate this README file from the code directly.

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