Trust only the params you indeed created inputs for (half-assed solution to the mass assignment problem)
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Trust only the params you indeed created inputs for (experimental/half-assed/untested solution to the not solved mass assignment problem).

What It Does

Whenever you generate form with form_tag or form_for helper it registers all the inputs added to the form, encrypts this information and appends it to the form itself.

So it's just like allow_forgery_protection with it's authenticity_token but for the given set of inputs.

Then when the form is submitted the set of trusted inputs/params is extracted and available like this:


Any input/param that wasn't in original form will be removed.


rails plugin install git://


Really DRY, one-stop solution. Setup and forget about adding to attr_accessible in your models. After all if you added that input to the form - that should be accessible.


Any param that's not added at the time of the request won't get through by default.

All AJAX/API calls would need to submit ugly trusted_params_token along with meaningful params.

To workaround this trusted can be passed the list of params trusted by default:

params[:post].trusted(:title, :body)

In such cases trusted params would be merged with :title, and :body params when present.