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Stack-based language similar to Factor.
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Latest commit a30f0b2 Mar 14, 2012 @dom96 Nael now works with latest Nimrod compiler (`do` is now a nimrod keyw…
…ord). Some other really old changes too.
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.gitignore Fixed a line in .gitignore and removed my Build.Win32.bat Jun 11, 2010
license.txt Added license and .gitignore files. Started working on the lexer and … May 30, 2010
readme.markdown Changed the readme to contain license information. Jun 5, 2010
spec.markdown Some new ideas for nael 0.2 Aug 10, 2010
todo.markdown Fixed while and times. Changed the function syntax. Played around wit… Jun 13, 2010



An experimental language, based on the stack-oriented programming language by the name of Factor.

nael is licensed under the BSD License, see license.txt for more information.

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