DAO Oriented Database Mapping Framework for Java
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Doma is a Database access framework for Java.

Doma uses Pluggable Annotation Processing API to generate source code and validate sql mappings at compile time.


Major versions

Version                               Status           Repository                             Branch
Doma 1     stable           https://github.com/seasarorg/doma/   master
Doma 2 stable            https://github.com/domaframework/doma/ master
Doma 3                                under development  https://github.com/domaframework/doma/ doma-3

Compatibility matrix

      Doma 1 Doma 2 Doma 3
Java 6   v                  
Java 7   v                   
Java 8    v     v            
Java 9         v            
Java 10         v            
Java 11 v v


Apache License, Version 2.0