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This document and the APIs herein are subject to change at any time. We will version the API, but may deprecate early versions aggressively.

RSS and JSON feeds

Documentation for feeds of public or private bookmarks can be found here:

Keep in Mind

  • Please wait at least one second between HTTP queries, or you are likely to get automatically throttled. If you are releasing a library to access the API, you must do this.
  • Please watch for 500 or 999 errors and back-off appropriately. It means that you have been throttled.
  • Please set your User-Agent to something identifiable. The default identifiers like Java/1.4.3 or lwp-perl etc tend to get banned from time to time.
  • If you are releasing software or a service for other people to use, your software or service must not add any links without a user’s explicit direction. Likewise, you must not modify any urls except under the user’s explicit direction.
  • API calls of Objects returns as an Xml object.


All /v1 APIs now use OAuth 2.0 for authentication.



Contact if you have any question with using our APIs.

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