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  • no change, re-release for bad tarball checksum


  • sysctl: fix quoting issue when applying settings, fixes #53 (Jeremy Kitchen)
  • sysctl: fix apply=>false, was always running, fixes #56 (Trey Dockendorf)
  • all: use augeas/lenses/ from Puppet's pluginsync libdir (Craig Dunn)
  • sshd: create array entries before Match groups


  • devel: AugeasProviders::Provider has gained a large number of helper methods for writing providers
  • all: providers completely refactored to use AugeasProviders::Provider helpers
  • sysctl: ignore whitespace inside values during comparisons, fixes #50
  • shellvar: fix require to work for puppet apply/specs


  • pg_hba: new type for managing PostgreSQL pg_hba.conf entries
  • shellvar: add support for array values
  • sysctl: add 'apply' parameter to change live kernel value (default: true)
  • sysctl: add 'val' parameter alias for duritong/puppet-sysctl compatibility
  • mailalias: fix quoting of pipe recipients, fixes #41
  • devel: test Ruby 2.0


  • syslog: add rsyslog provider variant, requires Augeas 1.0.0
  • all: fix ruby-augeas 0.3.0 compatibility on Ruby 1.9
  • all: don't throw error when target file doesn't already exist
  • kernel_parameter/grub: ensure partially present parameters will be removed


  • apache_setenv: new type for managing Apache HTTP SetEnv config options (Endre Karlson)
  • puppet_auth: new type for managing Puppet's auth.conf file
  • shellvar: new type for managing /etc/{default,sysconfig}
  • kernel_parameter: use EFI GRUB legacy config if present
  • devel: replaced librarian-puppet with puppetlabs_spec_helper's .fixtures.yml
  • devel: use augparse --notypecheck for improved speed


  • sshd_config: reinstate separate name parameter
  • docs: add sshd_config multiple keys example, fixes #27


  • sshd_config, sysctl: create entries after commented out entry
  • host, mailalias: implement prefetch for performance
  • sshd_config: remove separate name parameter, only use key as namevar
  • docs: remove symlinks from docs/, fixes #25, improve README, rename LICENSE
  • devel: improve idempotence logging
  • devel: update to Augeas 1.0.0, test Puppet 3.1


  • all: fix library loading issue with puppet apply


  • kernel_parameter: new type for managing kernel arguments in GRUB Legacy and GRUB 2 configs
  • docs: documentation index, existing articles and numerous examples for all providers added
  • docs: URLs changed to GitHub hercules-team organisation
  • devel: files existence stubbed out in tests
  • devel: Augeas submodule changed to point to GitHub
  • devel: specs compatibility with 2.7.20 fixed


  • nrpe_command: new type for managing NRPE settings (Christian Kaenzig)
  • syslog: new type for managing (r)syslog destinations (Raphaël Pinson)


  • all: fix missing require causing load errors
  • sshd_config: store multiple values for a setting as multiple entries, e.g. multiple ListenAddress lines (issue #13)
  • docs: minor fixes
  • devel: test Puppet 3.0


  • sysctl: new type for managing sysctl.conf entries
  • mounttab: add Solaris /etc/vfstab support
  • mounttab: fix options property idempotency
  • mounttab: fix key=value options in fstab instances
  • host: fix comment and host_aliases properties idempotency
  • all: log /augeas//error output when unable to save
  • packaging: hard mount_providers dependency removed
  • devel: augparse used to test providers against expected tree
  • devel: augeas submodule included for testing against latest lenses


  • mounttab: new provider for mounttab type in puppetlabs-mount_providers (supports fstab only, no vfstab), mount_providers now a dependency
  • devel: librarian-puppet used to install Puppet module dependencies


  • host: fix host_aliases param support pre-2.7
  • sshd_config: find Match groups in instances/ralsh
  • sshd_config: support arrays for ((Allow|Deny)(Groups|Users))|AcceptEnv|MACs
  • sshd_config_subsystem: new type and provider (Raphaël Pinson)
  • devel: use Travis CI, specify deps via Gemfile + bundler
  • specs: fixes for 0.25 and 2.6 series


  • host: fix pre-2.7 compatibility when without comment property
  • sshd_config: new type and provider (Raphaël Pinson)
  • all: fix provider confine to enable use in same run as ruby-augeas install (Puppet #14822)
  • devel: refactor common augopen code into utility class
  • specs: fix both Ruby 1.8 and mocha 0.12 compatibility


  • host: fix handling of multiple host_aliases
  • host: fix handling of empty comment string, now removes comment
  • host: fix missing ensure and comment parameters in puppet resource, only return aliases if present
  • mailalias: fix missing ensure parameter in puppet resource
  • specs: added comprehensive test harness for both providers


  • all: add instances methods to enable puppet resource


  • mailalias: new provider added for builtin mailalias type


  • host: new provider added for builtin host type