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@domdavis domdavis released this Mar 17, 2015 · 37 commits to master since this release

  • New alt modifier button added
  • All in game controls either have a button, keyboard or axis mapping
  • Moved all fire actions to the trigger (Stick Btn 1)
  • Moved all countermeasure actions to Stick Btn 3
  • Added new power presets
  • Moved Silent Running to shift + alt + Stick Btn 2
  • Moved Reset Head-Look and Toggle Dev Camera to the Stick POV Hat
  • Stick z now mapped to Scanner Range
  • Throttle Btn 4 now handles UI Input, UI Back and ESC
  • Throttle POV Hat now handles all UI movement
  • Throttle Hat 2 now handled all UI panels and maps
  • Added more functions to Throttle Hat 1
  • Wingman functions moved to Throttle Hat 3
  • No longer use Throttle Btn 1
  • Entire map is now virtual
  • Complete rewrite of the README
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