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An Online Manchu Dictionary
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This is one of the first online Manchu language dictionaries. Manchu is the language that was spoken by the Manchu people during the Qing dynasty of China. It is currently spoken by maybe 1000 people in China now. A small group of scholars are working hard to translate and analyze the texts that were left behind in the Manchu language. I have been working on and off on Manchu poetry translation for 4 to 5 years now.

About the name:

Buleku means mirror in the Manchu language. Buleku Bithe means "mirror-text", or, in common English, "dictionary."


I created this dictionary for my classmates, professor and I so that we did not have to carry around heavy dictionaries anymore. It is a project that is truly dear to my heart. I am always happy to hear my old classmates complain that the website is down when I am doing maitenance on my site, haha.

Disclaimer is another online Manchu dictionary that was put online recently. I have no affiliation with them, but do reccomend you check out their dictionary as well.

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