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-Chai Assertions for Working with Promises
+<a href="">
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+# Chai Assertions for Working with Promises
**Chai as Promised** extends [Chai][chai] with a fluent language for asserting facts about [promises][presentation].
@@ -170,6 +174,12 @@ This will pass any failures of the individual promise assertions up to the test
an `"expected promise to be fulfilled…"` message as would happen if you did
+### Compatibility
+Chai as Promised is compatible with all promises following the [Promises/A+ specification][spec]. Notably, jQuery's
+so-called “promises” are not up to spec, and Chai as Promised will not work with them. In particular, Chai as Promised
+makes extensive use of the standard [transformation behavior][] of `then`, which jQuery does not support.
## Installation and Setup
### Node
@@ -218,6 +228,8 @@ automatically plug in to Chai and be ready for use:
[Mocha as Promised]:
+[transformation behavior]:

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