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Reference Implementation and Tests

This folder contains a reference implementation of the promises specification, inside lib/testable-implementation.js. It also allows you to run the Promises/A+ tests, as well as a few extra tests of my own devising, against that implementation.

Reference Implementation

The reference implementation is meant to be a line-by-line transcription of the specification from ECMASpeak into JavaScript, as much as is possible.

Its purpose is to provide a 100%-fidelity implementation to run tests against in order to check the spec logic. In particular, it is not intended be a usable promise implementation or polyfill.

It uses especially to manifest a bunch of ES6 spec operations as JavaScript functions.


Tests are meant to be run in Node.js 0.11.9+, since we depend on some bleeding edge V8 features to implement the reference implementation. To run them, make sure you have such a version of Node installed, then do

$ npm install
$ npm test

in this directory. This will run a few tests found in the test/ directory, and then the Promises/A+ tests.

These tests are written in the Mocha, and use Node's built-in assert API. We plan to transition them, and the Promises/A+ tests, to test-262 form eventually (see #69).