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+categories: english, python, pyramid, plone, gentoo
+author: Domen Kožar
+date: 2013/01/02 23:30:00
+title: "Contributions in happy December"
+draft: false
+Another month passed by, another update. I'll try to keep this on monthly basis:
+`mr.bob <>`_ does your project skeleton templates. Today I
+`released <>`_ *0.1a6* which introduces
+`hooks <>`_.
+It allows you to hook into various places of the rendering flow. Before/after a question is asked and
+before/after rendering of directory structure. It's also a cleanup release before last missing piece
+is implemented - dependance between templates. I also updated my
+`bobtemplates.ielectric <>`_ templates to be used
+with newest ``mr.bob 0.1a6`` release. There are already few packages using it, for example
+`bobtemplates.niteoweb <>`_ and
+`bobtemplates.kotti <>`_.
+`29c3 <>`_ - every year at the last week of December,
+Hackers organize a conference in Germany. Those are the
+people tinkering tools in a way they weren't designed. In most of the cases it results in security holes.
+There were way too many interesting things to note here, going from
+`brewing probiotic beverages <>`_ to `Hotel card
+door hacking <>`_,
+mostly aimed to inform general public about issues we have to face when considering security.
+This year there was a lot of political movement around privacy and neutral net. There are estimations that
+the new data center NSA is building in Utah could crack 1080bit RSA keys in ~year, parallelized for thousands
+of keys in a row due to batch algorithms. I very recommend skimming 29c3
+`schedule page <>`_ and at least watching the
+`keynote <>`_ by
+`@ioerror <>`_.
+`Products.TinyMCE <>`_ - quite a short patch to add
+a feature of "adding an image by external URL".
+`django-akismet-comments <>`_ - got tired of all
+crappy Django solutions to provide `Akismet spam protection <>`_ to Django
+commenting framework. Still lacks a command to clean current spam comments and a way to flag
+comments as spam/ham that will teach Akismet to be a better filter.
+If you have an interesting problem to solve under public license, I'm happy to hear from you at :-)

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