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addon-mw-utils @ d1bfbc5
detectindent @ c6f6e7b
fugitive @ 49c6be3
gitgutter @ 270613b
nerdcommenter @ baa453a
nerdtree @ 2cb0fc7
orgmode @ f45b452
pep8-indent @ a94e8a5
powerline @ 09c0cea
python-syntax @ 69f8e12
reload @ b257136
robotframework-vim @ 5b68e58
ropevim @ 0fec204
scvim @ e24d41e
snipmate @ 3f52de4
sparkup @ 8078aff
supertab @ ee35ab6
syntastic @ 3a03fee
tlib @ 5fbb1a9
vim-isort @ de4e83d
vim-jinja @ 4413dbd
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