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Welcome to mr.bob's documentation!

Author:Tom Lazar <>, Domen Kožar <>
Source project
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  • asks questions which need to be answered to render structure
  • questions can be grouped by using a namespace
  • renders templates from a folder, Python egg, or zip file
  • supports Python 2.6 - 3.3, pypy
  • 100% test coverage
  • uses Jinja2 as the default rendering engine (can be replaced)
  • multiple ways to specify variables to render templates
  • preserves permissions when rendering templates
  • provides hooks before/after asking a question
  • provides hooks before/after rendering structure
  • can remember given answers for rendered structure

Flow of mr.bob



mr.bob is a tool that takes a directory skeleton, copies over its directory structure to a target folder and can use the Jinja2 (or some other) templating engine to dynamically generate the files. Additionally, it can ask you questions needed to render the structure, or provide a config file to answer them.

mr.bob is meant to deprecate previous tools such as paster (PasteScript) and templer.


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