Pyramid integration package for marrow.mailer, formerly known as TurboMail.
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Pyramid integration package for "A highly efficient and modular mail delivery framework for Python 2.6+ and 3.1+, formerly TurboMail."

Currently it must be used with pyramid_tm, as .send() only works if transaction.commit() succeeded.


$ env/bin/easy_install pyramid_marrowmailer


If you have package installed, you can configure it in Pyramid like always:


All settings marrow.mailer expects are prefixed with mail.. If you want to use different prefix, set it with pyramid_marrowmailer.prefix.

To see what options marrow.mailer support, see the documentation. Note that boolean options need a .on suffix. For example mail.transport.debug.on = true. Options that need to be converted to integer, add int suffix. For example = 1337.

pyramid_marrowmailer calls Mailer.start when config.include('pyramid_marrowmailer') is called. atexit is used to register Mailer.stop to shutdown when wsgi server will exit.

Note that pyramid_marrowmailer subclasses marrow.mailer.Mailer to provide support for transaction. Class is importable from pyramid_marrowmailer.TransactionMailer.

You can accces pyramid_marrowmailer.TransactionMailer instance in two ways:

message =


from pyramid_marrowmailer import get_mailer
mailer = get_mailer(request)
message =


If we have paster .ini something like:

mail.mode = direct or transaction
mail.transport.use = smtp =

Inside a view, we can do:

message =
message.subject = "foobar2" = ""
message.plain = "hi"


$ pip install nose coverage pep8 setuptools-flakes
$ ./