Provides an easy way to make popovers with styled action buttons (buttons provided by Jeff LaMarche)
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Twitter: @patr

Our commercial apps:

DCActionButtonsController provides an easy way to create view controllers to sit inside a UIPopoverController with styled buttons. The buttons are GradientButtons by Jeff LaMarche, which you'll need to download from here:

DCActionButtonsController Demo Image

To use, add buttons using addButtonWithTitle:style:style:target:action:. Then set it as the content view of your popover and it will size itself accordingly. See the demo project for an example.

There are several button styles to choose from:

  • GradientButtonStyleAlert
  • GradientButtonStyleBlack
  • GradientButtonStyleBlackActionSheet
  • GradientButtonStyleGreenConfirm
  • GradientButtonStyleRedDelete
  • GradientButtonStyleSimpleOrange
  • GradientButtonStyleWhite
  • GradientButtonStyleWhiteActionSheet


Made available under the MIT License. We'd love to know if you find this code useful or use it in your app: contact at